Cynthia Salgado Design


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Hi, I'm Cynthia. I'm a visual designer specialized in branding and web design with Squarespace. 

I am a self-driven visual designer who is passionate about new technologies and a firm believer in design that can change the world. My skill set combines creativity with technical knowledge; continually researching new design trends and techniques, in line with good usability practices.

I take pride in my design work and strive to deliver an effective, on-target product that fits the client’s needs and business initiatives.

I’m originally from Costa Rican based in South Africa and working as a freelancer with clients from all over the world.

How can I help you?

  • Graphic branding and identity

  • Visual communication

  • Screen flows, navigation models

  • Wireframe sketches

  • Interactive prototypes

  • High-fidelity visual design

  • Web design with Squarespace

*I do not accept adult / gambling / illegal commissions.*