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Hemeez - Custom Squarespace Website

Custom SQSP Website

Hemeez is a natural supplement that aids the vascular system. They were looking for a fresh website to relauch their product after a change of ownership.

I was happy to work with Hemeez as they allowed be to have lots of creative freedom. The main idea was to associate the product with calmness, relief and the happiness and freedom one feels when everything in our bodies work in harmony, hence the use of citrus fruits, water and very colorful elements.

On top of that, I was happy to collaborate with people who have a mission to do good in the world. I was even more motivated to do an excellent job when I knew they donate a percentage of their profit to charitable missions.

The template used was Brine, customized with CSS.
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Custom Squarespace Design

Custom Squarespace Design

The website is intended to be an online shop, planning to have a number of products in the future. Although Squarespace websites are fully responsive, there is room for improvements to enhance the mobile view, such as the size of the buttons or the position of certain elements.

Web Banners

Web Banners

A series of banners featuring the products interacting with fruits were made to be used within the website and also on social media.